About Us

Jewelry Exporters is focused on offering prevalent services while furnishing our clients with the knowledge and ability that you buy jewelry and feel excited and confident about it. Our partners are profoundly prepared and instructed gems experts, and each store is certified by the Diamond Council of America. When shopping on the web, the Learning Center can enable you to settle on an informed and educated about your purchase.

Jewelry Exporters offers a broad assortment of value fine adornments, including everything from precious stone and gems for your engagement and wedding. We additionally offer unmounted precious stones, popular gemstone adornments, men’s and kids’ gems and selective brands¬†collections and pieces.

Jewelry Exporters likewise offers free gems cleaning and reviews to guarantee that your jewelry holds its excellence, and that individual settings are secure. Along with the jewelry repair services, Jewelry Exporters also offer the Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan and Watch Protection Plan for procurement.