There are so many different types of diamond with various prices available. Sometimes it seems difficult to purchase at the best diamond and jewelry deal of the day. The best thing you can do is to trust yourself on what you like, demand for verification of diamond quality, browse a lot of shops and bargain for the best diamond and jewelry price.; And most importantly be well informed about the diamonds grading system.

Get The Diamond You Find Most Attractive

Get the diamond that pleases your sight, but do verify it's authenticity. Do not forget that your goal is to find a stone that you or the person you getting it for will find beautiful for many years to come. Never assume the quality of a diamond without a report prepared by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)or the American Gem Society (AGS). A legitimate diamond seller should willingly provide you with all these information.

Consider the Setting you are Getting the Stone for the fact that a setting can hide flaws is actually an advantage to getting discounted diamond and jewelry. If the stone is for a ring , setting the stone will reduce some flaws or undesired colouring.

So getting a diamond in the mid-range of the color scale will save you thousands over getting a high colored one Also a quality setting will enhance a smaller stone, saving you some money .

Shop around in Both Offline and Online Stores

Purchasing a diamond is very similar to buying other products .So, to get the best diamond deal, you must shop around. Do you feel a bit sceptic about shopping online? This is because it is where you will get the best prices. Do ensure you seek out legitimate websites with available grading report and return back policy. You should also visit offline stores to get an idea on price range, quality levels and diamond features that you desire. This will further strengthen your online search.

Bargain Your Best Diamond and Jewelry Deal

Do make sure you bargain for a suitable diamond deal. However, if you want the best deal , you should add in an extra work. Nevertheless, Diamond purchase is negotiable. Although Authentic online retailers might offer less room for bargaining, but it is possible for you to use that to your own benefit by looking for the best price online. You should also be willing to walk away if you want to maximize your savings. This strategy has proved to be very effective .

Consider Secondhand Diamonds

New diamonds are always subjected to retail mark-up. For you to bypass this to get discounted

diamonds and jewelry , you need to opt for used diamonds . You can get these at estate sales, online and physical auctions, pawn shops, police auctions etc.


Be Very Cautious with Your Diamond Purchase

Do not allow yourself to be duped. If a discounted diamond deal sounds too good to be true , have it verified by a certified gem dealer fir appraisal before purchase. You should also demand evidence of provenance and diamond quality.

Measure Out Your Carat Needs

Carats are scales of diamond weight . You should know that one carat equals 200mg or 0.2g and each carat is subdivided into 100 points . Therefore heavier diamonds cost more than lighter diamonds even if they are of the same quality. But bigger isn't always better , it all depends on other factors.

If you operate on a slow budget or you hope to get the diamond deal of the day , it’s advisable you opt for smaller diamonds for flaws in small Stones are less noticeable than high-carat.

Types of Engagement rings

Pavé Engagement Diamond rings 

A pavé engagement ring is encrusted with very little diamonds around the band to give the appearance of an outstanding diamond exterior. Since pave-set diamond rings make use of just tiny beads or prongs to keep them in place, hardly any of the metal band shows through and the diamond gemstones really look free-standing. Pave designs can either go around the entire band ( this is known as full pave ) or finish halfway around it ( also known as half pave). Micro pave rings are a lot more fragile and complicated than regular pave settings. The separate stones are extremely tiny that they apparently blend together and result in an amazing design.

Pavé Engagement Diamond rings
Pavé Engagement Diamond rings

Halo Engagement Rings 

Halo engagement ring settings consist of a central gemstone accompanied by smaller, micro pave diamonds. The smaller diamonds provide the appearance of size and structure to the middle stone, contributing to the ring’s total glitter. Traditional halo engagement rings are a more modern day take on the traditional solitaire ring, while vintage-style halo engagement rings put emphasis on the micro pave outlining along the band. Halo engagement rings are available in all sizes and shapes of the center stones. Some include Asscher-cut diamonds, pear-shaped, round stones, and oval diamonds. Halo rings usually feature colored gemstones , like blue sapphires or red rubies as the center gemstone.

Solitaire Engagement Rings 

A solitaire ring setting consists of one stone, usually a diamond with a simple mounting ( about four or six prongs ). Solitaires are one of the most widely used engagement ring styles . Their charm is in their sophistication, simplicity, and timelessness. Solitaire engagement rings can be found in quite a lot of measurements and designs. Some have narrower bands which may have the appearance of making a smaller diamond look larger, and it will match small fingers. Some also have thicker bands which enable more options in the way the diamond is set.

Tension Set Engagement Rings 

Tension engagement rings are a latest engagement ring design whereby a diamond is only held in a position by the bodily force of the setting, without the benefit of prongs. In a tension engagement ring, the diamond seems to be suspended in air. As the name indicates, tension rings make use of the pressure and tension of the ring to thrust against the diamond to keep it in place. Tension cut engagement rings are amongst the most protected engagement rings around since the full ring functions to maintain the diamond in place sometimes tighter than prong designs. Considering the fact that tension cut engagements ring displays the whole diamond, the shape and cut of the diamond are very important. Some good examples of cut for tension rings are princess, round, and emerald-cut diamonds.

Vintage and Antique Engagement Rings 

Vintage and antique-style engagement rings provide you with the elegance and exquisite design of classic rings with strong and sustainable design methods of modern-day engagement rings. Vintage-style engagement ring designs usually collect ideas from various stretches of time and consist of diamonds with modern day diamond cuts, which enhance magnificence, and light reflective characteristics. A good number of diamond cuts are being used as center stones for antique rings.

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Micro Pave Engagement Ring

The most important thing to keep in mind is that a pave setting makes use of more than one diamond for the jewelry. The diamonds are placed in such a way that it looks as though they actually have been paved just like the bricks or stones on a pavement. Determined by the size as well as the amount of the diamonds put to use, a ring could be totally buried beneath the diamonds in a pave diamond ring.

As long as the diamonds are paved throughout the ring, the ring is said to have a full pave setting. It appears as though a band with diamonds all over it . The other type to look into is the half pave setting. As the name implies, just half of the ring is paved with the diamonds in this type. Nevertheless, the half pave setting is definitely more convenient to wear and less expensive compared to the full pave setting.

An additional type to consider with the pave diamond ring is the micro pave setting. These types of rings are usually more affordable and will have a lesser amount of diamonds overlaying only a fraction of the entire band. The diamonds are usually smaller and are paved quite closely. Despite the fact that these types of diamond rings are cheaper than the full and half pave settings, you can also get a number of very attractive rings of this variety as well.

Micropave is a real labor intense setting process due to a large number of gemstones that are used. This is especially valid for bigger items for instance hip hop jewelry. But, the outcome is a completely breathtaking piece of jewelry that looks as good as the measure of labor that the artisans devoted to it.

Learn More About Beautiful Micro Pave Engagement Rings

Micro pave engagement rings are fast becoming a very popular choose these days. These rings are very beautiful with one large center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds going around the length of the band. These rings are especially bright, they sparkle with ease, and they make the wearer feel happy and loved. Who would not love one of these rings?

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – This elegantly crafted cross prong diamond engagement ring features a surprise diamond set on each side of the basket, as well as pave set diamonds glittering down the sides of the ring. A sophisticated design that will endure the test of time.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – What They Are
Like we said the band in the ring is covered in diamonds. The signifigance of this when choosing a ring is that it appears that the entire ring is made out of diamonds. Since diamonds are a stone which reflects light, having this type of ring ensures a large amount of sparkle.
Featuring a double-clawed scrolled basket this lovely pave set engagement ring is as timeless as it is magnificent. The pave set diamonds are graduated and taper as they come up to the center diamond of your choice.

Of course besides the band the ring will also have a main center stone – a larger diamond which is the focus of the ring.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – Choosing The Design
Even though all micro pave engagement rings either have diamonds around the entire ring or part of the ring there are still places where you need to make decisions.

First of all you need to decide to amount of diamonds on the band. You can either choose for roughly half of the band to be covered or the entire band. This is really a personal decision dependant on style and taste. Many people think a band which is completely covered in diamonds is the ideal choice. This style makes it appear that the ring is made of diamonds and this makes it a more attractive choice for some people.

Other people choose the style where only part of the band has small diamonds encrusted within. There are some different reasons for this style. You might not want to overdo it and feel that too many diamonds is overkill. You might want to also show the specific metal type that the ring is made of. Perhaps, like many people, you do not see a point to having diamonds on the lower portion of the ring as most people will only see the top half anyways.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – Choosing The Metal
There are many different types of metal you can choose for your micro pave engagement rings. The most traditional is yellow gold. The majority of people tend to choose either white gold or platinum today as it looks nice next to the diamond(s). Some people also choose other metals such as silver or titanium.

Platinum Split Shank Knife-Edge Pave Engagement Ring
Micro Pave Engagement Rings – This chic pave set engagement ring is crafted with a delicate knife edge shank that splits and raises up to meet the main diamond. It also features pave set diamonds on the basket mounting. This beautiful design can be manufactured to fit some fancy shaped center diamonds for an additional fee of $150. *.

If you are covering the entire ring in diamonds the presentation might not be as important to you, however, the metal will still be visable in some cases depending on style, so choose wisely. Another thing to take into consideration is the quality of the metal as well as to avoid any preexisting allergies or reactions.

If you are only covering part of the ring in diamonds, it will be even more important to choose a metal that you like how it looks and that goes well with the ring. It is just something to keep in mind while shopping.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – Choosing The Center Diamond
Now that you know what kind of metal you want and how many diamonds you want it is time to choose the center diamond. This is a decision which you should take your time with as you have many options here. When choosing the center stone, you need to make decisions the same as choosing any other diamond.

This shimmering engagement ring features two bar-set Princess Cut diamonds, one on each side of the center diamond you choose. Pave diamonds line all three outer walls of the 18k white gold band in a fiery display. .

Some of the things you should consider in your purchase include the color of the diamond, the clarity rating for the diamond, the cut of the stone and the number of carats you want. All of these factors will impact the value of the ring and the quality of the diamond itself.

Besides that, you should also want to focus on the shape that you want. Most of the time, engagement rings have a round shaped stone. Now this is completely fine if that is what you want. However, if you want to keep your options open, why not look at other shapes as well?

There are many shapes to choose from these days. You can choose princess cut diamonds, or shaped ones like square, oval, pear or heart. Some other styles include emerald, radiant, marquise and cushion. Now remember the style and shape of the diamond will change how the whole ring looks. So it is a good idea to really think about what you want before making this decision.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – This delicate design features a hand made platinum basket that arches gracefully from the base up into four perfectly polished claw prongs. Center basket accented by twenty pave diamonds of colorless, VS quality.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – Things To Remember
What should you consider when shopping for micro pave engagement rings? Finally when you are shopping you need to remember to look at the whole ring together. It is important to realize that the extra diamonds outlining the band of the ring make it have more shine and sparkle, but they may also outshine the main stone. They are not there to outshine but to compliment. So it is important to make sure the center diamond is memorable.

I would not suggest using a small diamond here. It probably should be at least a carat, if not more. You want this stone to hold its own against the glamour of the rest of the ring.

Majestic Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Anyone who considers buying the sophisticated, elegant look presented by Marquise diamond engagement rings should know a little of its history. It is believed the first marquise gem was commissioned by King Louise XIV of France. His desire was to create a gem that would mimic the smile of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. When he was presented with a gem with a “boat” shape, also called a “diamond navette”, it became known as the Marquise.

The beauty of ME3 by Danhov complimented by two perfectly matching pave set diamond bands each up to 0.45 cttw. All diamond weights are approximate and will vary with finger and diamond size. Center diamond sold separately.

Therefore, Marquise diamond engagement rings became a dramatic choice for couples who wanted to dance shamelessly to another tune rather than to the song so often heard by those who turn time after time to the round brilliant. Its elegance is unmatched in the diamond world and the sight of elegant Marquise diamond engagement rings are commented by everyone at any income level.This design features over .46 carat weight in pave’ set diamonds. Shown with one carat marquise. All diamond weights are approximate and will vary with finger and diamond size. Center diamond sold separately.

The cut of Marquise diamond engagement rings are the most obvious characteristic of their shape. However, the cut of Marquise diamond engagement rings also allow the illusion of a larger gem. The tip-to-tip cut is known to flatter the fingers as well. Cutting a diamond is always a sensitive act because it can take 250 tone of diamond to come up with just a 1-carat stone of any quality. The 56 carat cut of the marquise is easier and it is easier to cut around flaws..

The sophisticated shape of Marquise diamond engagement rings lends itself to the use of accent stones that will enhance the beauty of the diamond. Because of the shape, Marquise diamond engagement rings allow the use of a myriad of choices of secondary gems. Designing your own ring could prove a delight with this choice of engagement ring.

Split-shank design features up to 0.28 carat weight in pave set diamonds. Shown with two carat pear. All diamond weights are approximate and will vary with finger and diamond size. ..

The most widely used example of displaying Marquise diamond engagement rings are with matching, often attached, wedding rings. Well crafted and designed, a wedding set can be bold, but trendy. If you prefer a solitaire, the tiffany style setting is considered a magical way of displaying the gem.

Due to the wide open front of Marquise diamond engagement rings, the bow tie effect needs to be carefully studied when you are making your choice. One of the finest jewelers in the world believes the best ratio for Marquise diamonds is between 1.75 to 1 and 2.25 to 1. Although you can find an abundance of available Marquise diamond engagement rings, the proportion needs to be consistent with the best cuts or the bow-tie effect can have a negative impact on the overall effect of the gem.

Striking split-shank design features over .46 carat weight in pave’ set diamonds. Shown with two carat pear. All diamond weights are approximate and will vary with finger and diamond size. Center diamond sold separately.

Marquise diamond engagement rings can bring about more comments than any other style. It is considered classic, though not traditional. Choosing a Marquise gem is considered a bold step compared to choosing the round brilliant. Sophistication is also a word often used with the gem that can create the illusion of long, elegant fingers. Dramatic is one more way of describing this simply cut, but beautiful gem.

Given all the applause on its beauty, it is not at all surprising that Michael Douglas gave a 10 carat Marquise diamond engagement ring to Catherine Zeta Jones.

Are You Trying To Decide Whether You Want Antique Looking Engagement Rings?

Antique looking engagement rings are one of my favorite designs. Many people love antique rings but either can not afford them or can not find just what they are looking for. So instead of searching high and low and spending a bundle, many people are instead shopping for antique looking engagement rings. In order to bring back the charm and elegance of an earlier time, many couples like to consider antique looking engagement rings. Instead of the mass-produced style of the Tiffany setting, the romantic pull of antique looking engagement rings that represents more attention to detail and style may be what draws your attention. There are many varied choices available to you when seeking antique looking engagement rings and how to choose one. Here are a few guidelines for shopping for antique looking engagement rings!

Antique Looking Engagement Rings are sometimes chosen because true antiques are hard to come by. Due to the age of 50 or more years necessary to be an original antique, these rings may be too cost prohibitive for young couples drawn to the style. The biggest advantage of antique looking engagement rings versus the antique ring can run into thousands of dollars. Originally, only very fine stones were used with the finest of metals.

Antique Looking Engagement Rings come in all types of styles. Just look at the photos on this page. All of these rings could be considered antique looking engagement rings as they are new rings with older styles and details within each one.

So what era of antique looking engagement rings are you looking for? Edwardian styles used a lot of costly platinum or white gold whereas Art Deco leaned towards gold and rose gold. Whichever style you choose, the cost involved with an original antique engagement ring may make your looking at the antique looking engagement rings much more appealing to you.

You may want to first decide what stone, what price range and if you have a particular antique looking engagement rings setting you prefer for your very special ring. Many couples will consider diamonds for their antique looking engagement rings with a single stone setting or a single stone with surrounding stones for more reflection. However, others may prefer a softer gem such as a sapphire which would look lovely in the Edwardian-style white gold.

This is a beautiful style for when you are shopping for antique looking engagement rings!

One of the items you must consider when picking antique looking engagement rings is the character of the setting you choose. Be aware that the setting of antique looking engagement rings may call for a diamond instead of a softer stone.

When you are shopping for antique looking engagement rings one of the first questions you may have is what styles of antique looking engagement rings are really on the market today? Many who like the unique craftsmanship of the filigree styles seek visions of the romantic past. Your choice may be among Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco or Retro. Each choice of antique looking engagement rings bring their own individual character to their style. Edwardian antique looking diamond rings may be platinum looking, and often show the fine, filigree workmanship that antique looking engagement rings are known for. When you consider the setting, such as a rose gold of the Art Deco, you may want to consider diamonds. Choices are abundant and you can create antique looking engagement rings as you wish and re-create the era you love.

Sources for your antique looking engagement rings are plentiful. You may wish to look into specialty jewelers who love the look and style of the antique looking engagement rings setting and carry only that style. You also can look in your favorite jewelry store where, if you do not see what you are secreting wishing for, you can ask for their book of settings and design antique looking engagement rings yourself! Naturally, the on-line opportunities are abundant to find beautiful antique looking engagement rings if you wish to sit home and search out sites or you may find a single buyer selling that one special antique looking engagement rings that as its own special history and steals your heart.

Have you learned enough about antique looking engagement rings? Are you ready to shop for antique looking engagement rings yet? I know I am!

Find Non Traditional Engagement Rings Ideas and Suggestions

Are you looking for non traditional engagement rings? Everybody does not share the same sense of style or tradition. Even though traditional rings like diamond solitaire engagement rings may be what the girl next door covets, that does not mean every girl wants the same cookie cutter engagement ring.


Non Traditional Engagement Rings – Diamonds and Other Gemstones
Perhaps you have no problem with a diamond ring, you might even want one, but a diamond is not enough for you. If that is the case why not have a ring that showcases more than one gemstone? You can choose to have an engagement ring that has a diamond center stone which is flanked by other jewels. Some popular choices include rubies, pearls, emeralds, and sapphires.

Of course you do not need to have the diamond be the centerpiece, you can do it to other way around. You can have multiple stones, this is really a choice based on personal preferences.

A delicate yet stunning 3-stone pave set engagement ring, this ring features 2 round brilliants pave set in each side of the center stone. A perfect ring to wear for a lifetime.

Non Traditional Engagement Rings – Gemstone Rings
Maybe you do not want a diamond at all. Some people do not think that you need a diamond ring to be engaged. Really. The engagement is about the commitment to marriage and building a life together, the diamonds are only a symbol and a really expensive symbol at that.

So what are your options outside of diamonds? Well there are many, really. You might love certain gemstones and there is nothing wrong with that. We have already mentioned some of the most common such as pearls, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Of course there are other gemstones that you might choose for your ring Some choices include Amethyst, turquoise, opal, quartz, topaz, garnet and aquamarine.

Elegant split-shank design features up to 0.56 carat total weight in pave set diamonds. Shown with three carat asscher shape. All diamond weights are approximate and will vary with finger and diamond size. *.

Just like with a traditional diamond ring you can choose to have your non traditional rings focus only on one singular jewel as a solitaire or you could have a pave or other style ring created with your chosen gemstone. You could also use more than one stone in the ring, the choice is yours.

Non Traditional Engagement Rings – Metal Rings With No Jewels
Some people do not want any jewels at all. If you are among the people that think that it is unnessesary to spend good money on a ring covered in jewels you could just opt for a less traditional ring of metal only. You could choose simple metals such as gold, white gold, platinum, silver or titanium.

You might want to choose one simple unadorned ring or you can have it etched in designs or have the metal in shapes and details. You might ant a celtic ring that includes a celtic cross or celtic knot. There are many different choices for these types of rings.

Non Traditional Engagement Rings – Unique Diamond Rings
Platinum ME5 by Danhov Diamond Engagement Ring, non traditional engagement rings, nontraditional engagement rings, non traditional diamond rings, nontraditional diamond rings, non traditional diamond engagement rings, nontraditional diamond engagement rings, split shank engagement ring, designer engagement ring
Platinum ME5 by Danhov Diamond Engagement Ring
Split-shank design features over .42 carat weight in pave’ set diamonds. Shown with three carat asscher style. All diamond weights are approximate and will vary with finger and diamond size. Center diamond sold separately.

Non traditional engagement rings can also be diamond rings. These diamond rings can just have a more modern or unique style than traditional rings. For one thing the most traditional diamond shape is round followed closely by princess cut. Of course there are many different diamond shapes to choose from, albeit other shapes are not traditional.

The most traditional engagement ring style is certainly the diamond solitaire ring. However, there are many other styles available. Choosing a more modern style is always an option.

There are also diamond rings that defy tradition severly. You can choose rings that are unique and in a whole class of their own. They can have multiply diamonds, large or small, placed in various spots around the ring. You can see some examples of these types of diamond rings above.

This attractive pave set swirl engagement ring will be a perfect symbol of your love and life together. *Stone count and carat total weight will vary depending on the size of the center stone

Regardless of the way you take the traditional styles out the most important thing is that you and your partner like the engagement ring. Choosing non traditional engagement rings is a purely personal choice and if you do not want the standard engagement ring, you should not have to feel that is the one you should get.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings With Sidestones

Becoming engaged is one of the most important decisions a couple may face in their young lives, and choosing a beautiful engagement ring to celebrate that event can be just as important. When researching your preferences, do not overlook princess cut engagement rings with sidestones. These stunning designs are second only in popularity with the round brilliant. Here are some tips if you decide to give princess cut engagement rings with sidestones a chance.

Platinum 3 Stone Channel Set Princess Diamond Engagement Ring
One of our most sought after ring designs, this antique-looking setting has all of the allure of the classic three-stone engagement ring, but with a striking amount of extra sparkle. Highlighting the center diamond of your choice are two Princess Cut sidestones with eight additional channel-set Princess Cut diamonds. .

Some princess cut stones can be square, which is a 1-1 to 1-6 length to length ratio or 1.10 which can be more rectangular. You have an abundance of choice for princess cut engagement rings with sidestones that meet your preference, but be aware of the differences so the sidestones are in keeping with the center stone and have the eye catching appeal you seek. The cut of the individual gems in princess cut engagement rings with sidestones do not have to be exactly the same, but they have to be attractive together.

The clarity and the color can change the visual impact so look closely and consult with your jeweler. Princess cut engagement rings with sidestones that utilize all diamonds need to have similarly colored sidestones. If your gems are on the lower “S” scale, they might not appear bright when scrutinized. If you choose the “J”, the cut sides may show color.

18k White Gold Cross Prong Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
This contemporary, cross prong ring has 3 channel set princess cut diamonds flanking each side of the center diamond. A look that will be both bold and elegant for years to come.

If a manufacturer of diamonds in princess cut engagement rings with sidestones uses gems of different color, it will cause a dramatic change to the color representation of all the stones. Pay close attention to the color in princess cut engagement rings with sidestones when you make your purchase.

It would be truly disappointing is someone who responds to the brilliance and flash of princess cut engagement rings with sidestones to not pay serious attention to the clarity. Again, speaking of diamonds, unequal clarity in the stones could bring the astonishing ring you want irregular.

Platinum 3 Stone, Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring
The classic 3 stone engagement ring with a simple stunning row of pave set diamonds. Featuring a princess cut diamond on each side of your center diamond, the pave extends even futher down the band for just a little bit of added glitter. All 3 stones are set in delicate claw wire baskets.

Obviously, even if your center stone is a princess cut diamond, the sidestones do not have to share the same cut. One of the most popular of all princess cut engagement rings with sidestones among the rich and famous is the diamond princess cut as the center cut with a pear shaped diamond on each side. It is an exquisite sight to be sure.

Platinum 1.00 Carat Total Weight Three Stone Princess Cut Diamond Ring
This beautiful three stone princess cut engagement ring features two perfectly matched side diamonds of no less than .25 carat each to accompany a princess cut center diamond of your choice.

A princess cut center diamond can also be brought to astounding life with sidestones of rubies or sapphires. You will see these princess cut engagement rings with sidestones on the fingers of many satisfied women. As always, shop carefully and be sure to get a certificate from Gem Appraisers or the Gemological Institute of America to ensure the quality and authenticity of gorgeous princess cut engagement ring with sidestones to which you respond.