There are so many different types of diamond with various prices available. Sometimes it seems difficult to purchase at the best diamond and jewelry deal of the day. The best thing you can do is to trust yourself on what you like, demand for verification of diamond quality, browse a lot of shops and bargain for the best diamond and jewelry price.; And most importantly be well informed about the diamonds grading system.

Get The Diamond You Find Most Attractive

Get the diamond that pleases your sight, but do verify it's authenticity. Do not forget that your goal is to find a stone that you or the person you getting it for will find beautiful for many years to come. Never assume the quality of a diamond without a report prepared by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)or the American Gem Society (AGS). A legitimate diamond seller should willingly provide you with all these information.

Consider the Setting you are Getting the Stone for the fact that a setting can hide flaws is actually an advantage to getting discounted diamond and jewelry. If the stone is for a ring , setting the stone will reduce some flaws or undesired colouring.

So getting a diamond in the mid-range of the color scale will save you thousands over getting a high colored one Also a quality setting will enhance a smaller stone, saving you some money .

Shop around in Both Offline and Online Stores

Purchasing a diamond is very similar to buying other products .So, to get the best diamond deal, you must shop around. Do you feel a bit sceptic about shopping online? This is because it is where you will get the best prices. Do ensure you seek out legitimate websites with available grading report and return back policy. You should also visit offline stores to get an idea on price range, quality levels and diamond features that you desire. This will further strengthen your online search.

Bargain Your Best Diamond and Jewelry Deal

Do make sure you bargain for a suitable diamond deal. However, if you want the best deal , you should add in an extra work. Nevertheless, Diamond purchase is negotiable. Although Authentic online retailers might offer less room for bargaining, but it is possible for you to use that to your own benefit by looking for the best price online. You should also be willing to walk away if you want to maximize your savings. This strategy has proved to be very effective .

Consider Secondhand Diamonds

New diamonds are always subjected to retail mark-up. For you to bypass this to get discounted

diamonds and jewelry , you need to opt for used diamonds . You can get these at estate sales, online and physical auctions, pawn shops, police auctions etc.


Be Very Cautious with Your Diamond Purchase

Do not allow yourself to be duped. If a discounted diamond deal sounds too good to be true , have it verified by a certified gem dealer fir appraisal before purchase. You should also demand evidence of provenance and diamond quality.

Measure Out Your Carat Needs

Carats are scales of diamond weight . You should know that one carat equals 200mg or 0.2g and each carat is subdivided into 100 points . Therefore heavier diamonds cost more than lighter diamonds even if they are of the same quality. But bigger isn't always better , it all depends on other factors.

If you operate on a slow budget or you hope to get the diamond deal of the day , it’s advisable you opt for smaller diamonds for flaws in small Stones are less noticeable than high-carat.