Learn More About Beautiful Micro Pave Engagement Rings

Micro pave engagement rings are fast becoming a very popular choose these days. These rings are very beautiful with one large center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds going around the length of the band. These rings are especially bright, they sparkle with ease, and they make the wearer feel happy and loved. Who would not love one of these rings?

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – This elegantly crafted cross prong diamond engagement ring features a surprise diamond set on each side of the basket, as well as pave set diamonds glittering down the sides of the ring. A sophisticated design that will endure the test of time.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – What They Are
Like we said the band in the ring is covered in diamonds. The signifigance of this when choosing a ring is that it appears that the entire ring is made out of diamonds. Since diamonds are a stone which reflects light, having this type of ring ensures a large amount of sparkle.
Featuring a double-clawed scrolled basket this lovely pave set engagement ring is as timeless as it is magnificent. The pave set diamonds are graduated and taper as they come up to the center diamond of your choice.

Of course besides the band the ring will also have a main center stone – a larger diamond which is the focus of the ring.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – Choosing The Design
Even though all micro pave engagement rings either have diamonds around the entire ring or part of the ring there are still places where you need to make decisions.

First of all you need to decide to amount of diamonds on the band. You can either choose for roughly half of the band to be covered or the entire band. This is really a personal decision dependant on style and taste. Many people think a band which is completely covered in diamonds is the ideal choice. This style makes it appear that the ring is made of diamonds and this makes it a more attractive choice for some people.

Other people choose the style where only part of the band has small diamonds encrusted within. There are some different reasons for this style. You might not want to overdo it and feel that too many diamonds is overkill. You might want to also show the specific metal type that the ring is made of. Perhaps, like many people, you do not see a point to having diamonds on the lower portion of the ring as most people will only see the top half anyways.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – Choosing The Metal
There are many different types of metal you can choose for your micro pave engagement rings. The most traditional is yellow gold. The majority of people tend to choose either white gold or platinum today as it looks nice next to the diamond(s). Some people also choose other metals such as silver or titanium.

Platinum Split Shank Knife-Edge Pave Engagement Ring
Micro Pave Engagement Rings – This chic pave set engagement ring is crafted with a delicate knife edge shank that splits and raises up to meet the main diamond. It also features pave set diamonds on the basket mounting. This beautiful design can be manufactured to fit some fancy shaped center diamonds for an additional fee of $150. *.

If you are covering the entire ring in diamonds the presentation might not be as important to you, however, the metal will still be visable in some cases depending on style, so choose wisely. Another thing to take into consideration is the quality of the metal as well as to avoid any preexisting allergies or reactions.

If you are only covering part of the ring in diamonds, it will be even more important to choose a metal that you like how it looks and that goes well with the ring. It is just something to keep in mind while shopping.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – Choosing The Center Diamond
Now that you know what kind of metal you want and how many diamonds you want it is time to choose the center diamond. This is a decision which you should take your time with as you have many options here. When choosing the center stone, you need to make decisions the same as choosing any other diamond.

This shimmering engagement ring features two bar-set Princess Cut diamonds, one on each side of the center diamond you choose. Pave diamonds line all three outer walls of the 18k white gold band in a fiery display. .

Some of the things you should consider in your purchase include the color of the diamond, the clarity rating for the diamond, the cut of the stone and the number of carats you want. All of these factors will impact the value of the ring and the quality of the diamond itself.

Besides that, you should also want to focus on the shape that you want. Most of the time, engagement rings have a round shaped stone. Now this is completely fine if that is what you want. However, if you want to keep your options open, why not look at other shapes as well?

There are many shapes to choose from these days. You can choose princess cut diamonds, or shaped ones like square, oval, pear or heart. Some other styles include emerald, radiant, marquise and cushion. Now remember the style and shape of the diamond will change how the whole ring looks. So it is a good idea to really think about what you want before making this decision.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – This delicate design features a hand made platinum basket that arches gracefully from the base up into four perfectly polished claw prongs. Center basket accented by twenty pave diamonds of colorless, VS quality.

Micro Pave Engagement Rings – Things To Remember
What should you consider when shopping for micro pave engagement rings? Finally when you are shopping you need to remember to look at the whole ring together. It is important to realize that the extra diamonds outlining the band of the ring make it have more shine and sparkle, but they may also outshine the main stone. They are not there to outshine but to compliment. So it is important to make sure the center diamond is memorable.

I would not suggest using a small diamond here. It probably should be at least a carat, if not more. You want this stone to hold its own against the glamour of the rest of the ring.