Types of Engagement rings

Pavé Engagement Diamond rings 

A pavé engagement ring is encrusted with very little diamonds around the band to give the appearance of an outstanding diamond exterior. Since pave-set diamond rings make use of just tiny beads or prongs to keep them in place, hardly any of the metal band shows through and the diamond gemstones really look free-standing. Pave designs can either go around the entire band ( this is known as full pave ) or finish halfway around it ( also known as half pave). Micro pave rings are a lot more fragile and complicated than regular pave settings. The separate stones are extremely tiny that they apparently blend together and result in an amazing design.

Pavé Engagement Diamond rings
Pavé Engagement Diamond rings

Halo Engagement Rings 

Halo engagement ring settings consist of a central gemstone accompanied by smaller, micro pave diamonds. The smaller diamonds provide the appearance of size and structure to the middle stone, contributing to the ring’s total glitter. Traditional halo engagement rings are a more modern day take on the traditional solitaire ring, while vintage-style halo engagement rings put emphasis on the micro pave outlining along the band. Halo engagement rings are available in all sizes and shapes of the center stones. Some include Asscher-cut diamonds, pear-shaped, round stones, and oval diamonds. Halo rings usually feature colored gemstones , like blue sapphires or red rubies as the center gemstone.

Solitaire Engagement Rings 

A solitaire ring setting consists of one stone, usually a diamond with a simple mounting ( about four or six prongs ). Solitaires are one of the most widely used engagement ring styles . Their charm is in their sophistication, simplicity, and timelessness. Solitaire engagement rings can be found in quite a lot of measurements and designs. Some have narrower bands which may have the appearance of making a smaller diamond look larger, and it will match small fingers. Some also have thicker bands which enable more options in the way the diamond is set.

Tension Set Engagement Rings 

Tension engagement rings are a latest engagement ring design whereby a diamond is only held in a position by the bodily force of the setting, without the benefit of prongs. In a tension engagement ring, the diamond seems to be suspended in air. As the name indicates, tension rings make use of the pressure and tension of the ring to thrust against the diamond to keep it in place. Tension cut engagement rings are amongst the most protected engagement rings around since the full ring functions to maintain the diamond in place sometimes tighter than prong designs. Considering the fact that tension cut engagements ring displays the whole diamond, the shape and cut of the diamond are very important. Some good examples of cut for tension rings are princess, round, and emerald-cut diamonds.

Vintage and Antique Engagement Rings 

Vintage and antique-style engagement rings provide you with the elegance and exquisite design of classic rings with strong and sustainable design methods of modern-day engagement rings. Vintage-style engagement ring designs usually collect ideas from various stretches of time and consist of diamonds with modern day diamond cuts, which enhance magnificence, and light reflective characteristics. A good number of diamond cuts are being used as center stones for antique rings.

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Micro Pave Engagement Ring

The most important thing to keep in mind is that a pave setting makes use of more than one diamond for the jewelry. The diamonds are placed in such a way that it looks as though they actually have been paved just like the bricks or stones on a pavement. Determined by the size as well as the amount of the diamonds put to use, a ring could be totally buried beneath the diamonds in a pave diamond ring.

As long as the diamonds are paved throughout the ring, the ring is said to have a full pave setting. It appears as though a band with diamonds all over it . The other type to look into is the half pave setting. As the name implies, just half of the ring is paved with the diamonds in this type. Nevertheless, the half pave setting is definitely more convenient to wear and less expensive compared to the full pave setting.

An additional type to consider with the pave diamond ring is the micro pave setting. These types of rings are usually more affordable and will have a lesser amount of diamonds overlaying only a fraction of the entire band. The diamonds are usually smaller and are paved quite closely. Despite the fact that these types of diamond rings are cheaper than the full and half pave settings, you can also get a number of very attractive rings of this variety as well.

Micropave is a real labor intense setting process due to a large number of gemstones that are used. This is especially valid for bigger items for instance hip hop jewelry. But, the outcome is a completely breathtaking piece of jewelry that looks as good as the measure of labor that the artisans devoted to it.